Obika, Italian Trattoria

Obika, Italian Trattoria Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 2023 Obika is located in a neighborhood area where family and friend want to share a table with amazing italian food to taste.

Yugen Studio, Production Film & Photography

Yugen Studio, Production Film & Photography Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 2023 Yugen Studio was to create a space where creativity, artistry, and storytelling meet, to craft something truly inspiring. Their aim is to bring visual stories to life that are not only engaging and captivating and also connect with audience on a meaningful level.

VASO Dubai, Coffee Shop

VASO Dubai,Coffee Shop Dubai United Arab Emirates, 2022 Unique and artful crafted packaging design for Vaso Cafe in Dubai. Savor the artful experience of each sip, surrounded by curves, illustrations, and a mesmerizing shade of blue

Wilder, Real State

Wilder, Apartments Denver, Colorado, 2022 ‘Wilder’ apartments Branding project is inspired by the Colorado landscape, raw curated material and joyful aesthetic with an explorer soul.

Fourty, Social Club

Fourty, Social Club, Tenis & Padel Courts Doha, Qatar, 2022 Branding for a Tenis & Padel Social Club, in Doha. The brand was inspired by the Wimbledon tournaments and it joyful moments playing sports.

Argot by Domingo, Fashion Capsule

Argot by Domingo, Fashion Capsule Collection Malaga & Barcelona, Spain Fashion Capsule Design Collection with the argots of design and hospitality we use in our daily days. We worked on illustrations and typography proposals for it The project is inspired by Spain’s rugged interior, and small villages where family is close by and you share […]

The Cabo, Cocktail Bar

THE CABO BAR Jaréz de la Frontera, Spain September 2022 Cocktail Bar Branding for Cabo; a speakeasy that serves fresh fish from the Atlantic. A brand inspired in Galicia straight light and the Atlantic sea. A hidden cocktail bar + the freshest fish in the Atlantic. The brand concept was inspired by Galicia and the […]

Argot, Concept Store

ARGOT Malaga, Spain 2022 AWe worked on the Identity for a Fashion Brand named Argot. The naming evokes a specific language used by a select group of people sharing common characteristics The Greeks said that words were divine. And the philosophers praised silence. ARGOT is the specific language used by a select group of people […]

Makeat, Food Design Agency

MAKEAT Barcelona, Spain 2021 Branding for Makeat is a Gastronomy Agency that believes any product must be completed by its own identity. They are designing gastronomy’s next revolution. Awakening means creating, growing, making, designing and believing that great changes come from hard work, great interdisciplinary teams and a lot of motivation. << Branding >> Makeat […]

Casa Felisa, Hotel

CASA FELISA Ibiza, Spain 2021 Hotel Branding for Casa Felisa, a spiritual retreat place with a spa. Renewing energies through the air and the sun of Ibiza, are part of -known as- new luxury. A Hotel. A spiritual retreat place. An spa. Renewing energies through the air and the sun of Ibiza, are part of […]