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Creative Studio is based in Barcelona. However, working worldwide.

Co-founded by Agostina Benaglia (Creative Director) & Julio Martínez (Director) with the aim of doing whatever they like the most at the moment with no boundaries at all.

We are a team of multidisciplinary creatives from different parts of the world. All passionate about branding, emotions, types, and things in motion with aesthetic sensibility.

Willing to help others reach goals turning the complex into something simple.

We have been doing everything for a while until we set a core of services we love to bring to our partners as Naming, brand architecture, Visual identities, packaging, Website design (UX/UI) and interior design.

We are always close by to our Director of photography Javier Márquez to give a wider vision to our projects and speak through the camera playing with shadows and natural lights with a spark of colour.


We are quite welcoming at the studio and there is always a room for people at our lunch table if someone is willing to share a story with us or looking for another vision for his project.


Domingo is all about enjoying the journey, being on continuous Sunday where you can choose what to do. Because time flies by, something is waiting there to receive the stroke of your passion.

Every day means a ‘DOMINGO’ for us, as we are in love with what we do every day is like a white canvas. Step in it, and you

Ancient Greeks had a conception of time as a double-natured phenomenon. On the one hand, there was Chronos and on the other Kairos. Chronos is the profane time, the realm of wear and tear while kairos is the sacred time, a time of rejuvenation, much like a portal into eternity in which we forget our own mortality and we simply are. Sundays are our time, there are no deadlines on Sundays, they are for us to do what we want. That’s why Sundays are a synonym for freedom… the possibilities are endless. On Sundays, time is up for grabs.

shall answer to no one besides your inspiration and your team. Following your mindmap, you will inspire whomever you find in your way. That’s what life means to us, you inspire others and be inspired by the journey.

Your mind has to travel; this is the only reality we ever know. We believe in our dreams and our imagination.

DOMINGO is the possibility of amazing things happening. Share a pasta with friends, see the family, stare at someone you like, take a walk in nature, go to the sea, kiss your mum or have a sunrise alone. All those treasures are not for sale; those are the most important ones. We belong to the south, and there, this is a lifestyle.

All this happens at the studio.



The design process is always different no matter where you look at it. Everyone has his own first-round process with clients. As part of our background are consultancy and strategy we always start with a lot of questions before going to design.

We may know your brand values, clients, competitors, key messages and so on. As we may understand your brand as much as your team does, this is how we see things before designing or creating anything for you.

Then we analyze the target, WGSN trends and your values to look after mood boards, debrief, typography palette, and colour palette.

Once we are all set in the first stone we continue developing a couple of paths that suit the aesthetic we have been looking for.


If somehow, you have been thinking about featuring any of our projects. Inviting us for a talk, podcast or whatever is going on in your mindverse.

First of all, we will be glad and pleased to hear from you.

So, do not hesitate to reach us out. We will take care of your needs about more information of the project and photos in HQ.

Please reach us at