We do what we love every day.

Otherwise, it would be Monday.
Domingo means Sunday,
which (for us) means a sharing day that never ends.

Born in 2020, under the September sun. Agostina and Julio dreamt of a space where the ephemeral merges with the eternal; a Sunday where sharing never ends; a place where creativity knows no bounds and each idea is a new universe to discover.
We are a group of creatives, sharing passions for branding, typography, cinema, photography, and movements that shake us.
From Barcelona, we have sought to spread our wings to reach unimaginable horizons, crossing borders without fear, inspired by everything that surrounds us.

Domingo’s table, always welcoming, receives curious people willing to share stories and visions. It is while sharing a table that projects are born and ideas are shared that shape our vision of design.

Sunday means a table, beloved ones, and lots of inspiration shared

At the studio, warmth and hospitality abound, and there’s always a seat available at the lunch table for those eager to share stories or seek a fresh perspective for their projects. They understand the essence of time and draw inspiration from the ancient Greek duality of Chronos and Kairos. For them, Sundays are a sacred time of freedom, devoid of deadlines, and filled with endless possibilities—a gateway to eternity where creativity thrives and moments become timeless.

Ancient Greeks had a conception of time as a double-natured phenomenon. On the one hand, there was Chronos and on the other Kairos. Chronos is the profane time, the realm of wear and tear while kairos is the sacred time, a time of rejuvenation, much like a portal into eternity in which we forget our own mortality and we simply are. Sundays are our time, there are no deadlines on Sundays, they are for us to do what we want. That’s why Sundays are a synonym for freedom… the possibilities are endless. On Sundays, time is up for grabs.

Embracing Timeless Creativity: A Journey from Sunday's Freedom to Endless

We are a diverse team of multidisciplinary creatives hailing from different parts of the world, bound together by our shared passion for branding, emotions, typography, and dynamic visuals with an eye for aesthetics.

Our mission is simple: we’re here to help you achieve your goals by simplifying the complex. With a wealth of experience in various fields, we’ve refined our core services to bring the best to our partners. Services including Naming, brand architecture, Branding, packaging, Website design (UX/UI), and interior design.

As a team, we answer to no one but our inspiration and each other. We follow your mindmap to ignite inspiration in everyone we encounter on this journey. For us, life is all about inspiring others and being inspired in return.

The story behind

Things only few people know

[ 01 ]

We share a family food every-single

Sneak peak some dishes.

[ 02 ]

Music is always on at the office.

ADJ never made it on the collab playlist.

Give it a try
[ 03 ]

Our "meeting room" is more no a living
room, 100% on purpose

Chill but casual vibes in here.

[ 04 ]

We're a team of 14, cherishing our small & friendly atmosphere.

We prefer upcoming just small projects we like.

[ 05 ]

Average age in is 24. But retro nostalgia sh*t is always a topic.

Embracing those Gen Z fresh vibes. Who needs to include founders in the average age anyway?

[ 06 ]

On hiring, portfolio matters, attitude really seals the deal.

We are a loot on energies and all that holistic stuff.

[ 07 ]

We are on a 14th. Highly not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.

If this is your case, keep your soul away from windows and proceed with caution.

[ 08 ]

We have a Playstation at the studio. Although, our team doesn't excel as much as we'd hope.

It's a bit of a bummer, isn't it?

[ 09 ]

We are on a perpetual bikini operation, but chocolate somehow sneaks always in the studio.

Pro Tip: Mercadona's Pistachio Ice Cream is a Must-Try.

Wanna join?

We are always open for welcoming highly talented people onboard!

[ Our Manifesto ]

Imagination is at the heart of everything we do. Your mind can travel to places yet unknown, and that’s the only reality we need. Our dreams fuel our creativity, and we embrace the power of imagination to bring your vision to life.

Domingo represents the realm of possibilities, where amazing things happen. It’s a place where you can share a pasta with friends, cherish family moments, gaze at someone you adore, take a serene nature walk, visit the sea, give your mom a warm kiss, or simply witness a beautiful sunrise alone. These treasures are invaluable, not for sale, and we deeply cherish them. They resonate with our southern lifestyle, shaping our ethos.
All of this magic comes to life at our studio, where we infuse our passion, dedication, and creativity into every project we undertake.

Press Inquiries

If somehow, you have been thinking about featuring any of our projects. Inviting us for a talk, podcast or whatever is going on in your mindverse.

First of all, we will be glad and pleased to hear from you.

So, do not hesitate to reach us out. We will take care of your needs about more information of the project and photos in HQ.

Please reach us at press@thisisdomingo.com