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Café Gloria

We are excited to unveil our latest branding and art direction concept for Gloria Pasteleria, a neighborhood cafe-pastry shop located in the bustling city of Madrid. This path of design wasn’t the one chosen by the client but we decided to move forward with it and show you our vision for Gloria Pasteleria that make you travel again to your childhood when those pastry shops were owned by people involved in the business forever and they prepare everything in there. The rounded logo features a stylized letter G, with graceful curvature and bold lines that evoke a sense of the 80s. The color palette we chose is soft and bold but feminine, with shades of pink, red, and beige that add a touch of glamour to the brand. Overall, our branding and art direction concept for Gloria Pasteleria is a perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness. We believe it will elevate the brand and create a lasting impression on customers.

2023 Food & Drinks Madrid
Brand Identity

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